​Through the sharing of knowledge and expertise, the work of SAMLIT paves the way for linkages with law enforcement and other members of the criminal justice value chain, so that rapid action can be taken to address financial crime. In this, its first year of operation, SAMLIT members have worked hard at fine tuning work modes, information flows, developing processes for fast tracking delivery to ensure solid foundations and a platform upon which future activities will be based. Already the two research and implementation arms of SAMLIT, the expert working groups (EWGs) and task operational groups (TOGs) are up and running, enabling a deeper insight into crime trends and developing indicators of criminal behaviour. This will enrich the work of the private and the public sector in a trusted environment.

December 2020 brought to a close the first year of the private-public partnership. 

Altogether the steps taken, and work done will enhance and assist in the fight against crime and we look forward to these linkages bearing fruit in the future. This has been a year like no other and cannot be likened to anything any of us experienced before. All of us have been and will continue to be, impacted in one way or another by the coronavirus pandemic. The impact of nationwide lockdown measures which were ​put in place to support the health, safety and livelihood of citizens will continue to reverberate for a long time. 

It is significant that SAMLIT was birthed in this turbulent and uncertain time. However, this start has prepared SAMLIT’s members and will help us to face the next period with sleeves rolled up and ready to take further action in the fight against crime. This first year of partnership has provided us with deeper insights on criminality and strengthened our resolve to combat financial crime.